How Much Does It Cost To Run Electrical To An Above Ground Pool

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Pools are an absolute joy to have! Being able to swim in the privacy of your own home, without having to pack your car and travel is a great benefit.

Pre-job planning: An electrical permit will need to be pulled prior to work starting. In your town or county, we may even be required to pull a ‘Swimming Pool Permit’ that covers both the install of the pool as well as the electrical portion. We’ll need to check with your specific jurisdiction to determine that the proper steps are taken. If digging is needed, it’ll be necessary to call a locator service beforehand to make sure we don’t hit any underground piping during the process.

Average cost to power an above ground pool is $2,500, the common price range being between $2,000 and $3,500. Many details will come into play when deciding the exact price for pool wiring but they can be broken down into two categories: power and bonding.

#1 – Power: A standard pool install will call for two 120 volt, 20 amp circuits. One circuit dedicated to your pool pump, and the other for a chlorine generator/chemical feeder. If the second circuit is not immediately needed, it is still installed as a spare for future use.

What affects the price to run pool power?

  • Distance from electrical panel to pump location (digging equipment may be required)
  • Demand for more power than mentioned above such as an electric water heater or an electric pool cover
  • Option for timer to automatically control pump

All these items will cause the price to adjust accordingly.

CAUTION: If your electrical panel is full, it may be necessary to add a sub panel to accommodate the added circuits. This will be considered during the on-site visit.

#2 – Bonding:

By the National Electrical Code certain parts of pools are required to be bonded, or tied together electrically. This can be accomplished a few different ways but will depend on the style and frame of pool that you’ve had installed.

Cost for bonding is affected only by size of the pool. The larger the pool the more material and labor will be required to bonded properly.

This step is VERY important as its purpose is to prevent electrical shock and death.

Having a pool is a wonderful feature to add your home. Once your project is completed, you and your family will be able to enjoy swimming safely in your pool for a long time. Click the Contact Us tab below to get your project started.