How Much Does it Cost to Add Recessed Lighting?

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Recessed lighting is a wonderful way to brighten up any area! It is very common to come across situations where more light is needed. Many homes today are built with one central fixture installed in a room as the only means of light, leaving the walls and corners of the room dark. Some older homes relied on switched outlets to control plug in lamps. Under both of these circumstances, the result is a dimly lit room with limited practicality.

How does the process go? First step, and maybe the most important, is laying out the lights. Having a nice array that is visually appealing as well as functional is ideal. As mentioned earlier, lighting up the corners of the room is key not only focusing on the center. If you have a piece of art or shelving you’d like to spotlight, fixtures will need to be located accordingly. Next wires are ran from the switch location to the first fixture, then on to continuing fixtures. All lighting in a room doesn’t have to be on the same switch, in fact controlling a set of lights separately is a great option.

What are some challenges when adding recessed lights in an existing home? An unfinished attic space provides the easiest opportunity to run wiring overhead without affecting the finished ceiling underneath. However, with any type of finished space above the desired install area (such as second floor bedrooms or a finished attic) sheetrock will have to be cut, patched and repainted. The same applies with adding a brand new switch in a home built on concrete slab with no attic and no crawl space. Typically an electrical contractor will not patch and paint drywall, meaning you will need to hire an interior contractor to complete the project. We will be able to recommend a reputable contractor if you yourself don’t already have one.

Whatever the challenges may be, the end result will definitely be worth it! A bright, well lit room with quality recessed lighting will make for a comfortable and inviting space for your family and friends to enjoy!

What is the cost to add recessed lighting in your home? Let these prices help guide your next project budget:

Existing home with drywall installed and no attic space:

  • Wiring and installation to first recessed can – $150
  • Wiring and installation to recessed lights thereafter (between 2-6 fixtures) – $100
  • Wiring and installation to recessed lights over 6 fixtures – $80
  • Replacing existing switch with dimmer – $60
  • Adding a NEW dimmer switch (no switch existing) – $100
  • Plus cost or dry wall finishing and painting if necessary.

Existing home with attic space:

  • $100 per recessed light