How Home Office Lighting Can Create a Brand New Space

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Whether you’re looking to build a home office from scratch or in the process of renovating an existing space, one of the most effective ways to transform the look and feel of your home office is by playing with lighting. Home office lighting can impact your productivity, quality of work, and overall mood more than you might realize; plus, choosing high-quality lighting can help you showcase your personal style within your home workspace. Today, we will share a few simple ways to transform your home office space with lighting. Keep reading to learn more!

Use Indirect Lighting

Glares and shadows can be a disturbance in your home office. Avoid this issue by avoiding direct light, such as bright, fluorescent overhead lights that can be found in many traditional office spaces. Instead, opt for ambient lighting from table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and more to layer indirect lighting and keep your space bright without pesky glares or shadows.

Play with Task Lighting

One of the easiest ways to maintain functionality in a home office is by incorporating task lighting into your space. While indirect lighting throughout your space is the key to lighting your space without any unwanted glares or shadows, using direct lighting for specific tasks such as reading, writing, and other intricate projects can be beneficial. Try incorporating a single overhead or desk lamp to illuminate your workspace when needed.

Incorporate Natural Light

Natural lighting can make your home office look more open and inviting; plus, natural light has many benefits, as it can act as a natural mood booster and increase your motivation and productivity during a long workday. If you have windows in your home office that let in daylight, remove heavy curtains and allow the natural light to shine in! If you don’t have windows in your home office and cannot access natural lighting, try investing in special overhead lighting or lamps that will mimic the look of natural sunlight and bring similar benefits to your office space. 

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