How Do Home Generators Work?

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Nothing is worse than unexpectedly running out of power at an inconvenient time. From electrical issues in your area to inclement weather, there are many reasons why your home could lose power unexpectedly; luckily, there is a way to maintain power in your home at all times. 

Installing a home generator will ensure your home is never without power, even during inclement weather and regional blackouts. A home generator can give you peace of mind, as you and your family can rest assured that you will be able to resume all necessary tasks without interruption if a power outage is likely. But how do home generators work? In today’s blog, we’ll tell you!

How Home Generators Work

A home generator is a backup power source that works only when your home’s electricity goes out. A generator is hooked up to your home and can sense when your home loses electricity. When this happens, a sensor in the backup system of the home generator will turn the device on, generating electricity for an extended period of time. Once electricity is restored in your home, the generator will turn off. These devices are used only for backup electricity in unforeseen emergencies and will typically sit quietly outside your home when not needed.

How Are Home Generators Installed?

A professional electrician should complete the installation of a home generator. Working with gas and electricity can be a dangerous task, so leaving the installation up to a highly trained professional home electrician can help keep you, your family, and your home safe. Generator installation is a generally quick project and can be completed within a few days. 

How Much Do Home Generators Cost?

The cost of a home generator depends on the size of your home and the type of system you choose to install. A basic whole-home generator can cost around $13,000 on average, while larger, more advanced systems can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $21,000 in the average home. It’s best to contact a professional electrician for an exact estimate, as this appliance’s cost can vary widely depending on a few factors.

Whole Home Generator Installation at Oak Electric

At Oak Electric, we have years of experience in providing electrical home improvements throughout North Carolina and are dedicated to keeping you, your family, and your home safe and comfortable year-round. We are highly trained in the installation of whole home generators, and can give your family peace of mind and protect your home by installing a whole home generator that will provide power in the event of an emergency or unforeseen situation!

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